How we help

When you partner with Ronin, you engage world class people dedicated to delivering engineering excellence. Our team members collaborate with clients, developing some of the world’s most challenging and innovative products.

Our expertise

We invite you to explore a partial selection of our team’s capabilities below.
design for manufacture
design for assembly and disassembly
lean product development
master modeling
prototyping - functional
prototyping - proof of concept
value engineering
cost reduction
failure analysis
process debug
performance and reliability testing
thermodynamics management
power management
documentation - quality control
assembly instructions
component specification
global sourcing
tool design support
tooling design and specification
manufacturing set up and support
engineering management
engineering team structuring
product dev process structuring
automation and robotics
medical device class 1 and class 2
design for sustainability
design for repair
ID integration
Automation and robotics
Documentation - quality control
Tool design support
Failure analysis
Global sourcing
Power management
Tooling design and specification
Hardware engineering management
Design for repair
Thermodynamics management
Functional prototyping
Value engineering
Component specification
Manufacturing set up and support
Cost reduction
Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
Lean product development
Medical device class 1 and class 2
Performance and reliability testing
Process engineering
Assembly instructions
Design for sustainability
Product dev process structuring
Design for assembly and disassembly
Mechanical, Electrical, Firmware development
Prototyping - proof of concept
Master modeling
Engineering team development

Our Process

We’re experts in the entire product development journey, from early concept all the way through production.

“How do we design empathetically?”

We love complex problems. We listen closely to our clients to understand their ideas and pain points. From there, we work to understand constraints, challenge assumptions, and craft effective solutions with the end user in mind.
Client success is our top priority; often it means connecting clients with someone else within our network to help.

“How do we test our assumptions?”

Model, test, repeat. We work with clients to quickly iterate and make smart decisions fast. Agile Hardware Development is core to our approach. We work with clients to explore proof-of-concept and build functional and cosmetic prototypes.
When clients work with Ronin, you get nimble, curious, and determined partners in your success.

“How do we build impactful solutions?”

Our experienced teams apply engineering principles with an understanding of the issues, hiccups, and challenges involved in bringing concepts through production. We shorten timelines and remove roadblocks before they occur. Engineering analysis that maintains design intent enables our clients to achieve the products they envisioned with the quality they expect.
At Ronin, client success means bringing game-changing solutions to life.

“How do we get our solutions into people’s hands?”

Production is complicated. Through intelligent material selection, supply chain development, global vendor management, seamless logistics execution and production management, we bring our clients’ game-changing solutions to life. 
When clients are able to see the positive human impact of the physical artefacts we built together, we know we’ve done it right.

“How do we repeat success?”

When we work with clients over time, we develop a mutual understanding of their business that allows us to work efficiently together in the future. We’re in it for the long haul. 
When clients work with Ronin, they are engaging a partner that will support them throughout the entire process.

"For industrial design firms like Nonfiction, the devil is in the details, and Ronin helps us execute far beyond expectations. Their commitment to engineering excellence, sustainability, and inclusivity is quite unique in this industry."

Phnam, Co-Founder at Nonfiction design

“Ronin understands the importance of early concept generation and values Industrial Design input throughout the process. We had full confidence in Ronin that our design intent would not be altered and the final result would be implemented as intended”

Jochen, Principal at Studio Backs

"I really love working with the Ronin team. They are collaborative, passionate, and fair. I am continually impressed at how they are able to take complexity and transform it into a solution that works."

Gregg at InPipe