Engineering for people and planet

We are a product development firm that believes people and planet come first. Ronin was founded in Silicon Valley, and has team members and clients around the world. We design, develop, prototype, fabricate and bring to market award-winning consumer, medical, mobility, climate and robotics products.

Ronin is a different type of product development firm.


Ronin is a collective of individuals empowered to choose their own paths, guided by our cultural pillars. Our subject matter experts in mechanical, electrical and systems engineering, as well as engineering program management, are matched with client needs to bring passion to every project. We develop healthy, long-lasting relationships with each other, our client-partners and our professional networks.


We partner with the world’s best Industrial Designers to develop the ultimate user experiences. We follow initial product ideas through prototyping, vendor selection, design for manufacturing (DFM) and production. Whether on-site or remote, Ronin-client workflows are flexible for truly impactful results.


The innovative products our team contribute to have positive impacts on people and industries all over the world. Our design engineers have been honored with numerous awards in B2C and B2B categories internationally.


Our team is dedicated to redefining how products are developed with real sustainability in mind. Our mission is to deliver products that have a positive, long term impact on the planet, and we develop internal tools and workflows to deliver on that mission. We are determined to create a positive legacy for generations to come.

Robots are part of modern life. We merge mechanical, electronic, computer science and cognitive psychology to create smart, safe and intuitive interactions.
Internet of Things (IoT)
User experience is the top priority of every design. Our integrated solutions empower people to live their best lives, while managing their environment more sustainably.
Consumer Electronics
We design products that strengthen brands, are relatable, empowering, and connect with consumers on an intuitive level. Our portfolio includes some of the greatest lifestyle brands in computing, fitness, audio, housewares and many more.
We have deep experience in mixed reality devices. Our team members have engineered some of the leading systems on the market, including head-mounted displays and ergonomic controllers for applications in consumer and industrial settings.
Our engineers are experts in bio-compatibility, ergonomics, and human factors. We've designed wearables with integrated optical and electrical sensors that measure biometrics and align neurodiversity to individual lifestyle choices to push boundaries of what it means to be human.
Vehicles & Mobility
We engage in mobility solutions, including personal and public transport, and orchestrate larger, systems-level integrated deployments. Our team is skilled in efficient power management, thermodynamics and safety solutions.
Oversight Services
Our project management and oversight services guide startups safely through the PD landscape and help large corporations refine their best practices while elevating their levels of operating execution and delivery. We give you the tools to build a strong team, confidently validate your designs, and implement Build, Risk, and Issue Tracking for DFM.
We are pioneering sustainability in product development. Our expertise includes sourcing sustainable materials and developing sustainable processes. We incorporate Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to identify areas of improvement and design solutions optimized to bypass greenwashing and provide real sustainable impact.
Medical Devices
Whether your product is invasive or non­-invasive, we are your partner in navigating the FDA regulatory process and bringing innovative medical solutions to market. We shepherd products from proof of concept to compliance and launch with full design history and FMEA support.
We design durable, smart and clean technologies that efficiently serve global demands. Through rigorous iterations and perseverance, we engineer reliable systems that will carry on for future generations.

“Ronin understands the importance of early concept generation and values Industrial Design input throughout the process. We had full confidence in Ronin that our design intent would not be altered and the final result would be implemented as intended”

Jochen, Principal at Studio Backs

"For industrial design firms like Nonfiction, the devil is in the details, and Ronin helps us execute far beyond expectations. Their commitment to engineering excellence, sustainability, and inclusivity is quite unique in this industry."

Phnam, Co-Founder at Nonfiction design

"I really love working with the Ronin team. They are collaborative, passionate, and fair. I am continually impressed at how they are able to take complexity and transform it into a solution that works."

Gregg at InPipe