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Supposedly...recycling solves everything.

Recycling, good. Landfill, bad. Right? Not exactly.

The reality is a little more complicated. Only 10-20% of what we're putting into the recycling bin is actually getting recycled. And the products we buy that claim they have recycled content often has similarly low numbers.

In this episode of Supposedly, Xander and Dan explain how recycling fits into the status quo of a cradle-to-grave waste stream. They talk about how material sourcing, product design, and more can help make products more recyclable. And they share what manufacturers, designers, engineers, and consumers like you can do to help eliminate recycling altogether - all for the good of our planet.

About the Hosts:

Xander Bremer and Dan Kennedy are engineers at Ronin Product Development Labs, where they work in the GRN Studio. This studio specifically focuses on designing products that are going to have a positive impact on the planet and on our fellow humans.

About Ronin Product Development Labs:

We are a product development firm that believes people and planet come first. Ronin was founded in Silicon Valley, and has team members and clients around the world. We design, develop, prototype, fabricate and bring to market award-winning consumer, medical, mobility, climate and robotics products. Find out more about us at https://www.roninpdlabs.com/.

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